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Ceremony of Gold -Ideal for every skin type looking to achieve remarkable results. It is drastically effective against lines and wrinkles, and has regenerating effects. It leaves the skin with an amazing light golden shimmer, radiant and luminous.
90 mins £120

Chi Yang Exclusive -This treatment is ideal for stressed skin in need of total pampering as it clears physical and emotional blockages whilst reducing wrinkle depth and re-energizing the skin. It leaves the skin totally hydrated with a luxurious radiance.
60 mins £55

Repagen Exclusive - This is deal for all skin types looking for an all-around anti-aging effect as it works in all three skin layers. This treatment is deeply hydrating and has a long term anti-wrinkle effect. It leaves the skin looking and feeling radiant.
90 mins £175

Cuvee Prestige - Ideal for all skin types who require an exceptional anti-aging effect. It is deeply moisturizing, and is an antioxidant. It leaves the skin firmer, toned and redefined with a flawless complexion .
90 mins £150

Repacell® -Ideal for all skin types that are looking for remarkable anti-aging results. This treatment delays the cellular skin aging through detoxing and prolonging the cell life. It prolongs a youthful, vibrant look by 10 years, and leaves the skin firmer smoother with a long lasting effect.
90 mins £175